Alternatives to Late Night Service On the RiverLINE

Station by Station Options for Public Transit to River LINE Stations after Service Ends at Night
Station by Station Options for Public Transit to River LINE Stations after Service Ends at Night

NOTE: Click on the image above for a larger version.  These times use the schedules in effect in April 2015.   Check the appropriate websites (,, and for the current bus and train schedules.

General Notes about the above table:

 I do not recommend or endorse these routes. Personally, I would never walk around Trenton or Camden at 1 a.m. or along busy highways in some suburban areas at any time of the day or night as Google transit indicates you must. If you are unfamiliar with these areas (I don’t know many myself), don’t show up there in the middle of the night.

Secondly, this list was prepared in April 2015.   Schedules may have changed since; go to,, and for the latest schedules before finalizing a trip. This information merely conveys how complicated using the RiverLINE is for someone returning after it stops running and to suggest what specific stations might be reached practically and safely late at night by alternate public transportation modes.


Currently, the River LINE has no service originating after 10 p.m. except on Saturdays and select nights when there is a concert at the Entertainment Center in Camden or another special event.  Several years ago, trains ran Sundays through Fridays as far north as the Route 73/Pennsauken Station (which had a park and ride lot) as late as 12:14 a.m. from the Walter Rand TC but a reduction in service occurred in 2010 to save money and now, the final trains reach their destinations about 10 p.m. making them almost useless as ways of getting to evening events in Philadelphia or New York.

The only alternative for completing the return leg of an evening trip to most stations is a bus.  Buses (the 409 for the northern end of the line and the 419 for the southern part with Burlington Towne Centre being the mid-point in this sense) cover most stations–but not all.   Even some which are theoretically served by the 409 require long walks through questionable conditions to get back to the River LINE station of origin.

Aside from the transit centers in Camden and Trenton (which are usually the destination points rather than origins of trips), the Pennsauken Transit Center is the only station which can be reached without using a bus because of the connection with the New Jersey Transit Atlantic City Rail Line which connects with SEPTA in Philadelphia and the PATCO High Speed Line in Lindenwold.

This is not always practical: A rider could reach Pennsauken from Trenton via a 2½ hour trip via the SEPTA Trenton Line to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia where the New Jersey Atlantic City Rail Line trips to Atlantic City originate. (The 150 minutes this itinerary takes compares to 50 minutes for a direct trip on the River LINE.)